Save the Duck: Artic

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Break the ice. This long parka it has faced the Antarctic cold. It can be enough for your city? S4318M-COPY7 is a smooth clothing, with reducible volume hood and closable on itself same and elastic frontal regulation. The central zip for the closing is impermeable to double cursor, which the pressure hidden buttons are added. The inside is quilted and is detachable thanks to a continuous zip. Besides the heat, the inside preserve also your more precious objects in two comfortable pockets. Inside lining of the clothing with quilted and four pockets. Out other space for all the necessary: two pockets to the breast and two pockets on the body with it skates and impermeable zip. You can regulate the width of the life with an elastic.

Fabric 40% polyester and 60% cotton calendered, finishing WR that confers to the clothing a compact hand and cotton aspect.

Warmth: Very Warm


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