UV Sterilizer Power Wand

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Complete Sterilization - the UV PowerWand destroys the DNA structure of germs to prevent their reproduction using powerful UV-C lights. By scanning an object for 3-5 seconds, the wand will disinfect with ease, killing 99.9% of bacteria. This wand is certified and tested by a professional lab.

Light and Portable - the UV PowerWand is rechargeable, compact, and light weight. Designed to sterilize wide areas and large objects, this wand is perfect for home, office or travel.

Long lasting - the durable UV-C lights of the PowerWand have a lifespan of more than 10,000+ hour. A 1.5-hour charge will result in up to 3 hours of continuous use and more than a months’ time on standby.

Safety Control - the UV PowerWand is built with a gravity sensing system to protect your eyes from the UV light. The light will only be turned on when the wand is facing downward. With its built-in smart sensor, the disinfection process shuts down automatically when it is overturned.

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