Chargehub X4 – 4-Port USB Led Night Light

Article number: CRG-X4-002
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Improve your charging experience with the gentle glow of the ChargeHub X4. This dual night light and 4-port USB charging station provides patented SmartSpeed® Technology to each connected device and makes maintaining multiple devices easier than ever by only utilizing one outlet. Equipped with LightSense technology, the soft night light is automatic and can easily be dimmed or turned off with the touch sensor.

● PATENTED CHARGING TECHNOLOGY: SmartSpeed Technology simplifies and enhances multi-port USB charging by providing an optimal and safe charge to most devices.

● AUTOMATIC NIGHT LIGHT: Add 50 lumens of bright amber light to any room! The light sensor automatically turns on the light when darkness is detected. Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and more!

● ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS: Control the brightness of the night light or turn it off completely with the adjustable touch sensor!

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