Adult Games - Gutterhead

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Gutterhead is the hilarious party game that involves drawing, miming, and guessing over 240 hilarious words and phrases. You and your friends will be laughing the entire time!

HOW TO PLAY One player from each team draws the word while their teammates frantically try to guess. The first team to guess correctly wins the round. It's a race to the end of the board! All teams play all rounds, so nobody is left twiddling their thumbs.

GAME NIGHT GOLD Terrible at drawing?? Who cares! The worse you are, the more fun things get. Definitely not for kids or your prude relatives!

A HILARIOUS CHRISTMAS GIFT! Gutterhead is the perfect gift for your inappropriate friends or family members! Whoever you give Gutterhead to, it'll have them in stitches and land you on Santa's naughty list this Christmas!


240 playing cards Game board, dice and rules 4 Whiteboards 4 Dry wipe pens 4 Turd-shaped playing pieces

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