Adult Candles - Fun Captions 9oz

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Fuck Valentine's Day - I Love You Everyday:
Fuck Valentine's day, let your partner or a friend that you love them every day of the year with this candle.

Scent notes: Green Floral, Rose, Lily, Chrysanthemum, Powder, Sandalwood

Let's Keep The Dumbfuckery to a Minimum Today:When you don't have the patience for the dumbfuckery today (or ever) lets keep it to the bare minimum today.

Scent notes: Green Floral, Coconut, Pineapple, Wood, Vanilla

Too Lit to Give a Shit:

Too lit to give a shit. We have all been there, done that! But seriously some days you just want to light a candle (or other things) and forget about the day! This is your candle. Plus makes a great gift for him or her!

Scent Notes: Citrus,Orange, Mint, Agave

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