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Whiskey / Vodka Cooling Stones:

Use instead of ice to keep their vodka refreshingly cold. Chiselled from volcanic soapstone, these rocks are designed to be used time and time again.

Polishing Kit:  Essential equipment for keeping those shoes looking pristine. This shoe polishing kit is perfect for those gents who love their 'best foot forward' to always be looking clean and polished. Contains: Neutral beeswax shoe polish.50ml. Specialist shoe cleaning brush. Buffing cloth. Instruction guide.

Handcream: Fast-acting handcare cream for men. It's thick and nourishing to leave hard-working skin softer to the touch without looking greasy. We make it ourselves with soothing coconut oil and nourishing shea butter.

Dirty Dice Game: Lock the doors, slip into something a little less comfortable and see how lucky we can get. With this sexy dice game, the odds are forever in your favor.

Groomsman Kit: Weddings are stressful times. Take some pressure off the bride and be prepared for anything. The groom needs to rely on his friends, now his friends can rely on this kit. What could go wrong? You've got a hanky, a comb, shoe cleaning equipment, a toothbrush and even an emergency wedding ring! Contains: Emergency Wedding Ring. Manly Hankie. Pocket Comb. Toothbrush and Toothpaste 30ml. Shoe Cleaning Fluid (50ml) and Cloth.

Let's Get Jiggy: Looking for a gift for your partner? Get them this. Nothing says “let’s make this a celebration to remember” like this intimate gift set. Romance will blossom thanks to the full body massage oil, kissable lip oil and enchanting petals. As for the ribbon and blindfold… we’ll let you use your imagination. Our small team of artisans hand blend the oils in small batches, take a sample of each and only bottle it once they’re completely satisfied

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