ChargeHub International Travel Adapters

Article number: CRGRD-X3/5-INTPLUG-002
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Travel the world and stay charged with the International Travel Adapters. This kit includes (5) adapters that can be used when traveling to various countries including North America, Japan, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, China, and more! Compatible with virtually any dual voltage device with a two-prong plug.

INTERNATIONAL PLUG ADAPTERS The International Travel Adapters include 5 different plug types that simply slide into place on a two-prong plug for easy use while traveling worldwide!


Type A: with Flat Parallel Blades for North America, Central America, and Japan

Type C: with Round Pins for Italy and Regions of Africa, Asia, Europe, and Russia

Type F: with Round Pins for Regions of Africa, Asia, Europe, and Russia

Type G: with Rectangular Pins for the United Kingdom and Regions of Africa

Type I: with Flat Angle Pins for Australia, Argentina, and China

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